Mridanga Cover

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The mridanga is a clay drum, revered as one of the eight sacred instruments in India. It is even performed as a puja (rite of worship).

This is a very ancient form of drum with perfect acoustics. The oldest mention of the mridanga can be found long before the beginning of our era.

According to the teachings of Gaudiya Vaishnavas: the left side of the mridanga, which gives a lower sound, personifies the boundless strength and power of God; while the leading right, with a high sound, personifies the energy of God’s pleasure. The body of the mridanga is God himself. The 32 straps that connect the membranes of the instrument and serve to tune the drum are the 32 syllables of the Hare Krishna mantra, consisting of the names of God.  This instrument is specifically designed to glorify God.

The Mridanga is the heartbeat of any kirtana. According to tradition, the Mridanga should be covered with a cloth or sheath.  We offer high quality cases made in India for your sacred drum.

Natural materials:

  •  Ahimsa silk from Bihar villages
  •  Cotton harvested in the Punjab fields
  •  Sewing by craftsmen from West Bengal

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