Gamcha (100% cotton)

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Gamchas are thin, 100% cotton towels with traditional coloring in a strip, commonly used in India for shower or ablution. Gamchas can also be used as a scarf, a chaddar, a loincloth, etc.

During ablution men wrap them around the waist, and women all over the body.

Why do people use gamchas:

1. Vaishnavas use gamchas for bathing or bathing in a pond (ablution). They do not bathe naked so as not to offend the demigod Varuna.

2. For changing clothes. According to the Vedas, if a person sees another person naked, then both are defiled. It is also not recommended to look at your naked body. Therefore, Vaisnavas always use gamchas when changing clothes (just like when used to change a towel on a beach).

3. As informal home clothes.

Material: 100% cotton

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The fabric after a couple of washes becomes very soft and pleasant on the body. The colours do not bleed, everything looks just as good as it should be. It absorbs water well.

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