Bangladesh Mridanga

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Mridangas are an excellent tool and the heart of any kirtan. Mrdanga is revered as one of the eight sacred musical instruments played by the gopis.

The Bangladesh Mridanga is a classic.  Its membranes and belts are made of high-quality cow leather (ahimsa).  The body is made of Bangladesh clay and traditionally wrapped not with a nylon cord, as in a regular Indian mridanga, but with a thin strip of leather.  Due to the special shape of the body, Bangladesh Mridangas have unique musical properties.

This is the best option for the temple room, namahattas and harinams. Quality black masala on the small head and brown on the large. If desired, black masala can be applied to both heads.

Mini – (50cm, 4.5kg) – Reduced size while maintaining quality especially for teenagers or little girls.
Classic – (58cm, 5.4kg) – The standard size of an excellent bangladesh mridanga.
Pro – (60cm, 5.7kg) – Improved belt and membranes. Increased size of the small membrane.

Write to us and we will send you photos and videos of your mridanga.

– $150 – Russia, Europe, Asia
– $220 – South America, USA, Mexico

Find out more mridanga soundchecks on our YouTube channel

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