Mini-Shruti Box – One octave

159 $

Mini – Shruti Box for an affordable price!

An unrivaled instrument within its class, the Shruti Box has become a familiar sight in musical venues, homes and Yoga studios around the world. It is loved by singers, sounders and meditators for its rich, harmonious tone and full bodied resonance.

About the size of an average laptop computer, and weighing in at around 2.6 kg, (5.7lbs), this Shruti Box strikes a good balance of size and function, offering portability and good sustain. It is easy and satisfying to play and has a smooth, quiet bellows action. Hand-built and fine-tuned to a high specification, Mini-Shruti Box has proven itself as a reliable and trusted musical instrument in demanding performance situations, on concert tours and in the recording studio.

– Dimensions: 31*23*6.5 cm
– Key: C
– Pitch: Reeds fine-tuned to A=440 Hz standard concert.
– Reeds: Light gauge brass Jas reeds for a responsive, bright tone with subtle harmonics.
– Tonal Range: One octave, thirteen tone, chromatic scale keyboard ranging from C3 to C4 (piano equivalent).

– $90 – Russia, Europe, Asia
– $120 – South America, USA, Mexico

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