Harinam harmonium – India

449 $

Premium harmonium – 4 lines of Palitana Premiere Star reeds!

Buy the best harmonium for harinam. Made of Teak wood, which is the best for harmoniums. For the first time, we are introducing a system of 4 springs, which means that it can play quietly and also very loud and powerful for an ecstatic harinam. The sound is excellent and hits all frequencies.

This is an excellent choice for sitting-harinamas, large or small temple rooms, namahattas or for a collection of connoisseurs .

  • 4 levels of volume
  • 4 lines of German reeds
  • Color – Natural
  • Burma Teak wood

150$ – CIS, Europe, Asia
190$ – South America, USA, Mexico

We order harmoniums and mridangas from experienced masters. We check the quality ourselves and only then send it to the buyer.

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