Folding harmonium – English reeds

699 $

An excellent quality harmonium for connoisseurs of a quality instrument.

Made from quality wood (teak wood) brought from Burma. 4 rows of English reeds will fill the space with all frequencies, both in a large altar room and in a small room in an apartment. Deep bass, which is characteristic of English voices, sounds beautiful and rich. A great choice for those who don’t want to burden their harmonium with systems like Changer and Couplar.

The knobs on the front of the harmonium allow you to adjust the tone and volume to suit your needs. Easily folds into a suitcase for transport or storage.

– 4 lines of English voices JAS (Bass – Male – Male – Female)
– Folding system

Excellent build quality. Adjustable volume allows you to adjust the sound to any environment, whether it is a large altar in the temple or a small namahatta at home.


$180 – CIS, Europe, Asia
$230 – South America, USA, Mexico

You can pay by simple transfer from card to card, PayPal, etc.

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