Beads Sizes

Standard – suitable for both female and male hands.

King Size –  a larger choice for those who desire.

Just touching Tulasi brings you closer to Divine Love

Japa malas usually have 108 beads. The number, 108, is believed to be the sacred number of the names of Lord Krishna. You can also find malas of 54, 27 and 21 beads. There are even shorter ones of 18 beads- all these numbers are associated with 108. Together with yoga and other spiritual practices, these traditional Indian rosaries came to Europe, America and other countries of the World.

In each mala, there are techincally 109 beads. The guru bead is the 109th, is usually larger and has a bundle of threads/tail at the end. In Vaishnava culture it is considered to be Krishna. This bead is not chanted on but it is important because it is the begining and end of each mantra.