B Natural Carnatic/South Indian Flute


B Natural Carnatic/South Indian flute is a professional quality bamboo flute.

Pulangoil, Venu, Carnatic flute, Pullanguzhal are the many names given to this unique eight-hole south Indian flute. Though an ancient instrument, the most prevalent design of Carnatic flutes is the one which is said to have been invented by Sharaba Shastri (1872-1904) of the Palladam school, at the beginning of the 20th century.

This flute has low frequency & a complex tone that is warm, sweet and seamless. This flute is excellent for Classical music.
Size: 24 inches approx
Country of Origin – India

Our flutes are made of premium quality bamboo, which has great tonal quality & melody. Flutes are hand-made with great care & finish.

Note: Since bamboo is a natural product, the color, dimensions and holes are slightly different for every flute.


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